This wiki is designed to provide general information on what Archee is, the different services available and how to use them.

What is Archee?

Archee is a set of user friendly tools made for developers and teams to use in their day-to-day work. We take popular concepts and turn them into use-able solutions. Currently, we are focussed on agile teams and their development lifecycles.

Why choose Archee?

You may wonder, other solutions for some of the services you provide exist elsewhere, why would I choose Archee?

Our solutions are designed and developed with user experience at forefront. This means we use a modern stack, built in NextJS, React, TypeScript and Tailwind, alongside technologies such as websockets to ensure that the load on the user is minimised.

Our solutions currently are all free to use during open beta. This means that you can push your planning to the limit, and test as many variations of using these solutions as you would like without any costs to your team.

We allow integration with business applications such as JIRA, and being a hobby for us, we are constantly developing new features and improving existing solutions. This means that bugs and feature requests do not hang for months on end, and are always addressed from the source, us.

Our solutions

We currently offer a solution to Planning Poker, a popular agile development planning strategy.